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local day spa in ellisville mo

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Local Spa in Wildwood, MO

  • What are the benefits of coloring your hair?
    1. Add volume 2. Makes your hair shiny 3. Play up your features 4. Enhance your haircut 5. Helps you look younger
  • What are the benefits of facials?
    1. Reduce Stress And Relieve Psychological Distress 2. Cleanse Your Skin 3. Prevent Aging 4. Facial Massage Promotes Blood Circulation 5. Rejuvenate Your Skin 6. Facials Help Detoxify The Skin 7. Treat Acne And Acne Marks 8. Eliminate Whiteheads And Blackheads 9. Open Up All The Pores 10. Exfoliate Your Skin 11. Tighten Your Skin 12. Eliminate Under Eye Bags And Dark Circles 13. Facial Masks Make Your Skin Soft And Glowing 14. Boost The Absorption Abilities Of Your Skin 15. Give You An Even Skin Tone
  • What’s the best way to prepare for a waxing appointment?
    Be sure you have at least a 1/4 inch of hair growth, 1/2 inch for course hair. That is about a week to 2 weeks of hair growth after shaving. Exfoliating with a loofah or exfoliating gloves the day before waxing is suggested for less pain at the appointment. If it’s your first time please let us know and we will walk you through every step at the appointment.
  • What should you expect from the waxing appointment?
    Hairless skin! Everyone’s skin reacts differently to waxing, typically you can expect to have temporary redness and minor irritation for a day or two. Try to avoid heavy exercise that will increase perspiration and chaffing for about 24-48 hours after waxing.
  • How long does waxing take?
    This depends on what you are getting waxed, and how much hair is present. An appointment can take from about 15-20 minutes (eye brows) to an hour or more (several areas).
  • Will waxing hurt?
    The pain associated with waxing differs from person to person and their genetic makeup. One person may have several nerve endings in one area, while another may not. If you have a sensitive skin, remember that any pain is very minor and very temporary.
  • How often should you get waxed?
    Regular waxing is essential. For many that is every 4-6 weeks. The skin will be less sensitive and the hair becomes finer if waxing is done every four weeks.
  • What is the best way to prevent ingrown hairs between waxing appointments?
    Exfoliate alternating with a loofah and exfoliating gloves. If you are more prone to ingrown hairs, also use a topical exfoliant.
  • Will the hair grow back thicker after waxing?
    This is actually a myth. The hair grows back much slower, finer, and more scarce than before. If you wax often enough, the hair will barely be in the area.
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